Zirconia (ZrO²) content in glass fiber

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    What is the role of Zirconia (ZrO²) in the glass fiber used in GFRC production?



    Zirconium Dioxide is added to the glass fiber matrix to provide “alkali resistance”. The higher the ZrO² content, the higher the level of alkali resistance. However, in practical terms, levels of ZrO² are limited at about 20%.



    What is the minimum zirconia content required? I’ve noted that the fibres marketed in Europe,USA etc. have at least 16% zirconia. However, I’ve heard that some companies are selling fibres with 14% or less. What’s the recommended level?



    Hi Graham,

    The European standard specifies a minimum of 16% zirconia content in the fibre when used for GFRC. As you say, some manufacturers of AR fibre do not adhere to this minimum in order to save costs. See http://fibretech.org/products/ar-glass-fibres/ for more details

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